The Last Status column in your TurboPasses view indicates the most recent step of the TurboPass process the consumer left on.

"Accepted terms of service."


“Authentication Success”

"Borrower Credentials Need Update"


"Customer Notified" - Customer has been sent a link inviting them to confirm their SSN and accept Terms & conditions."

"Customer Abandoned"

"Data Error"

"Enrollment started"


"ERROR the account is locked. prompt the user to visit the institution's site and unlock their account"

"ERROR this account requires a MFA type that we do not currently support for the institution"

"Enrolled - Harvest Unsuccessful"

"FI Not Supported"

"FI Unavailable"

"From our perspective is appears the Borrower's banking website is down."

"Harvest Already in Progress (Error should clear automatically)"

"Harvest system registration fail"

"Issue Validating FI Credentials"

"Invite in Process - Customer has not accepted terms."


"MFA"- Multi-factor Authentication. This indicates your customer is answering come security questions from their bank or receiving a code from their bank confirming their identity with them.

"No Credentials"

"Report Ready" - Report is complete.    

"No OLB Access -- Opt Out"

"No Transactions found. Try pulling a report with 30 days of history."

"No Transactions found. Try pulling a report with 30 days of history."

"Opened Website"           


"OLB Signup in Progress"

"Report in Progress"- The last phases of generating the report are happening.

"Report Queued"

"Refresh Period Ended"

"SSO Link Expired"

"Starting Account Verification"


"SnapChek Data Ready"


“Refresh Period Ended”

"Validating Answer to Security Question."